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EDS is a flexible charity that never fails to adapt, as we continuously listen to our users. Understanding the true needs of our beneficiaries has proved vital when creating our projects.
Empowering Deaf Society (EDS) is a deaf-led charity providing a variety of services supporting deaf people and the local communities across Greater London. Our aims are to enable deaf people to create their own independence and eliminate barriers that they may face.
Services As a direct consequence of our practices, we are able to provide high quality bespoke training, workshops and education to our Deaf users in a variety of disciplines that would normally be inaccessible to them.

Additionally, we provide Deaf awareness training to hearing people and organisations, delivered by our very own Deaf trainers in various areas such as Education, Health and Employment. The training helps to create an empathetic approach which is fundamental to improve the current level of Deaf awareness within society as a whole.
At EDS we aim to:

– Ensure every Deaf individual has the opportunity and the support to engage in further learning
– Enable Deaf people to develop their skills
– Offer and provide a network for Deaf people
– Increase the confidence amongst Deaf people
– Help relieve unemployment amongst Deaf people
– Improve the quality of BSL teaching
– Ensure that both Deaf and hearing people are aware of each other’s needs
– Improve communication between Deaf and hearing people
– Improve public services so that they are increasingly accessible to Deaf people
– Provide information on possible career directions for Deaf people
– Provide various workshops for Deaf and hearing people