Our partnerships

We are grateful to those we have worked with and collectively we have achieved so much! EDS continues to look for dynamic partnerships to support the work we do as they are a crucial way to ensure that we meet our outcomes. We believe that a flexible approach to this way of work is a key benefit for our charity’s goals. At a time when the charity sector is saturated, we believe that by collaborating (pooling resources, style of working and knowledge) is an efficient and attainable way of working.

When working with our partners, our goals must be aligned; for our charity it is improving quality of life to those who are disadvantaged. Together with our partners, our approach to this goal may be very different, but collectively we can achieve fantastic outcomes for the people we support.

Partnerships must be based on collaboration, mutually beneficial and deliver change that impacts those who need it most, if you are an organisation interested in working with us, please contact us at: …..

E-mail: mangai.sutharsan@empoweringdeafsociety.org.uk