Deaf Awareness Training

Do you or your staff regularly work, or come into contact with people who are deaf or have a hearing loss? 

Being deaf aware is a great way to promote inclusion and improving access for deaf people and those with a hearing loss. 

Did you know that in the UK, 1 in 6 people have some degree of hearing loss? that’s about 10 million people!

Our Deaf Awareness workshops are a great opportunity for you and your staff to break down the barriers that most deaf people face by developing Deaf Awareness and accessibility.

We will introduce the issues and barriers faced by deaf people and in turn highlight strategies to improve your understanding of the challenges facing Deaf people. 

Learning outcomes include: 

•      Understanding the impact of Deafness
•      Communication strategies
•      Ideal Working environments
•      Information and advice: Support Services, Access to Work and technology aids
•      Identification of challenges and solutions in your environment
•      Some basic British Sign Language taught

EDS can be flexible with the depth of Deaf Awareness Training that we deliver to both the private and public sectors.
We are happy to tailor our workshops to be best meet your needs specific to your workplace and type of work where possible. 
Our Workshops can range from 2-3 hours long to a full day or more if needed depending on your requirements.

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