British Sign Language Levels

BSL Level 1

Want to learn a new skill and be able to have a basic conversation with a Deaf person? This Certificate is an accredited qualification.
A beginners course covering a wide range of topics, acquiring the basics of this beautiful language.

Start date: Monday 30th October 2017
Time: 7pm – 9pm

Start date: Thursday 2nd November 2017
Time: 11.am – 1pm

BSL Level 2

This Certificate is an accredited qualification. An intermediate course designed to enable learners to develop their language skills using BSL in a range of familiar contexts.
Learners will be able to strengthen their conversation skills and participate in a variety of exchanges.
The course will develop functional communication elements within BSL and everyday life.

Start date: Monday 6th November 2017
Time:11am - 1pm

Start date: Thursday 9th November 2017
Time: 6pm - 8pm

BSL Level 3

Level 3 enables those students with a passion to obtain a higher competency in BSL. This is an advanced accredited course that will also look into aspects of community and culture and its impact on the language.
Upon completion, students will have acquired everyday fluency in BSL.
It is a recognised qualification within many vocational sectors such as social work, the voluntary and charity sector and education.

Start date: Tuesday 10th October 2017
Time: 6pm – 8pm

BSL Level 4

Level 4 is for those students who have acquired a good level of competency in British Sign Language and are interested in furthering their skills and knowledge base.
This is an intense accredited course that will advance students’ signing fluency and overall language production.
Successful completion of Level 4 enables those who are interested to work within a range of sign language related domains, including ‘Communication Support Work’ (CSW).

Start date: Mondays starting from November
Time: TBC

Please contact us for further information and availability.

BSL Level 6 NVQ

Completion of this course will evidence your fluency in BSL. This qualification is beneficial to professionals, for those who work or wish to work with Deaf people.
For native users of the language, the course provides an academic and critical understanding of the language which you use day to day, helping you to become more articulate in your language of choice.

This centre prides itself on achieving a 100% pass rate, this is due to the standards of teaching and support given throughout the course.

Assessment week: 20th October 2017
Start date: TBC
Time: TBC

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