We have an amazing and fun-packed cycling project!
Some of the events are happening in the most famous cycling venue in the world, Lee Valley Velo-Park!

It includes mountain biking, BMX, road circuit and riding inside the cycling venue that has been used for Olympics!

Also, there are some events that includes riding through deep forests such as Epping Forest where we can ride along with the wildlife! Of course, there will be induction workshops where the beginners can learn how to ride the bike and learn all the safety and cycling awareness!

For the beginners, there will be workshops that are specifically tailored for the first-timers which includes riding through flat land and learning how to stop and turn etc. Most of the events will be based in Redbridge but all are welcome!

All deaf people are welcome to attend!

helloIf you want to find out more information and to keep updated with the upcoming events, please sign up on our subscription! Send your names and contact details to events@empoweringdeafsociety.org.uk to receive e-mails of our future events! You can also contact us by texting or calling 07584687127!.

We look forward to see you there!