Welcome to EDS

Empowering Deaf Society is a Deaf-led charity working and supporting Deaf people across Greater London. The Charity offers peer support to anyone in the Deaf community.

We work to ensure accessibility, improving education, opportunities, skills, and inclusion for Deaf people.

EDS's primary focus is developing new, bespoke and innovative services that are fully accessible to Deaf BSL users.

Empowering Deaf Society (EDS) is a registered charity (number 1131970).

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Future Projects

2014/PROJ05: Resident British Sign Language Courses



These BSL courses are delivered in association with Deaf Touch (a registered Ltd Company). EDS offers quality teaching and high levels of support. All of the courses are available to both Deaf and hearing people.

Please contact us for further information

2014/PROJ06: Deaf Cycling Project 2014



This is a unique project that aims to encourage new cyclist amongst deaf BSL users in London, especially those from deprived areas. They will be taught how to use bikes as a means of transport for whom owning and riding a bike is not the norm and to encourage healthy living.


This project will look at the benefits of cycling in the community as a whole: Health & Fitness, Financial & Social gains and General Wellbeing. We will encourage the deaf community to look at it as not only a means of transport but also a hobby.

Current Projects

2014/PROJ01: Empowering through Education (Community NVQ Level 3)



This project offers free NVQ Level 3 training to Deaf people in London who are unemployed, on low incomes and/or on benefits. Sessions are held approximately once every 3 weeks, over a period of 6 months and full support is given to each student.


Empowering Deaf Society provide all the necessary resources such as filming equipment and employ Communication Support Workers to assist students with BSL-English translation when writing their portfolios.


This project has been delivered in the London boroughs of Waltham Forest, Islington and Lambeth. EDS is currently delivering this project in Tower Hamlets. EDS is currently identifying ways to roll this out across London.

2014/PROJ02: Employment Support



EDS employment support service offers advice to Deaf people looking for work or looking to improve their current working environment. EDS delivers workshops that focus on essential skills from writing a CV, improving interview skills to searching for a job and finding a work placement. Additionally, we help clients contact specialist advisors where appropriate. These services are delivered in BSL and are completely deaf-friendly.

2014/PROJ03: Corporate Training & Bespoke Projects



Empowering Deaf Society has in-house BSL and Deaf Awareness training for businesses. EDS delivers basic to comprehensive training, completely tailored to your businesses needs. If your business or company wishes to improve their level of accessibility for its Deaf users then EDS’s flexible approach will ensures that the training meets your every need. In this way a bespoke course is created.


If you are interested in this training for your business, please Contact Us.

2014/PROJ04: British Sign Language Lessons for Police



EDS is currently working with the Metropolitan Police in the London borough of Lambeth, providing basic BSL and Deaf Awareness training. The aim is to ensure ease of communication between Deaf citizens and the Police.

Past Projects

2013/PROJ01: General Support



Empowering Dear Society offers general support to Deaf people. EDS endeavours to support every deaf person who approaches the service, if we are unable to meet their needs our knowledge of multi agency working and service providers guarantees that the right level of support is sourced.

2013/PROJ02: EC1 New Deal- BSL in schools.



This project involved groups of primary school children in the EC1 postcode. One of our Deaf tutors led sessions on basic sign language, and encouraged the children to improve their knowledge of Deaf people, and how to communicate with them.

2013/PROJ03: International Women’s Day



This one-day event celebrated women around the world. It provided an opportunity for the local community, both Deaf and hearing, to meet and socialise.

There were several activities running throughout the day, such as face-painting and artistic fruit displaying. Stalls displayed information about services for women.

2013/PROJ04: Triple D



This successful 10 week project involved four groups of deaf adults taking part in drama and dance courses. Led by professional tutors, the students engaged in exciting creative activities and completed the project by performing at The Albany Theatre in Deptford on August 4th 2011.

2013/PROJ05: Empowering through Education BSL NVQ Level 3



EDS hopes to run this project in various boroughs. See Current Projects for further information.

2013/PROJ06: Deaf Potential for Maths, English & Information Technology



Empowering Deaf Society plans to introduce these courses by 2012. Each course offers the opportunity to re-engage with basic studies. These courses will be delivered in BSL or with BSL support.


Keep checking back for further information.

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